Your Questions Answered | Weatherization Project Resources

November 28, 2023

A contractor in Redding asked: Are there any resources I can use to help sell weatherization projects?

GoGreen Home: As you know, weatherization measures can make a major difference in keeping your customers’ homes warm and comfortable. While many folks will be rushing to replace their heating systems this time of year, a lot of people overlook weatherization upgrades like insulation, energy efficient windows and doors, and air sealing. By using the Bill Impact Estimate table and promoting available tax credits, you can sell more weatherization projects and make sure your customers don’t miss out on significant energy savings.

The Bill Impact Estimate provides GoGreen Home customers with a rough estimate of annual bill savings for select energy efficiency upgrades. As you can see below, measures such as insulation and windows help keep the hot or cool air being generated from escaping the home. When air leaks out of the home, so do your customers’ dollars so be sure to refer them to the Bill Impact Estimate to demonstrate how these investments in weatherization may save them hundreds of dollars in the long-term.


In addition, make sure your customers are aware that federal tax credits are currently available for weatherization projects. The 25C tax credit offers a 30% credit on select weatherization equipment (not including installation costs) and is capped at $1,200 per year. Encourage your customers to look into their eligibility for the 25C tax credit and to take advantage of financing through GoGreen Home to cover both upfront equipment and installation costs.

Weatherization projects covered by the 25C tax credit:

  • Insulation and air sealing: $1,200
  • Doors: $250 per door, $500 total
  • Windows: $600
  • Energy audits: $150
  • Note: While GoGreen Financing tries to share the most relevant, accurate information with you that we can, we are not tax experts. Please refer to and/or local regulations for specifics and a complete understanding of tax credits and other legislative details.