Your Questions Answered | Unlisted Energy Saving Measures

August 24, 2023

A contractor in Sacramento asked: Can I install measures that do not appear on the GoGreen Business energy saving measures list?

GoGreen Business: Yes, you can! GoGreen Business helps support energy saving upgrades for a variety of industries including food service, retail, office spaces, manufacturing, hospitality, agriculture, and more. To help businesses maximize energy savings, GoGreen Business enables custom projects through the Professional Certification Method.

What is the Professional Certification Method?

The Professional Certification Method is when a Professional Engineer (PE) or Certified Energy Manager (CEM) certifies that measures are projected to save energy and provides savings estimates in annual kWh and/or therms. With this method, you can install measures that are not on the GoGreen Business ESM list, for example emerging or specialized technologies.

How does GoGreen Business make it easy for PEs or CEMs to certify savings?

Unlike other programs, GoGreen Business will accept whatever method of energy savings calculations the PE/CEM already uses. The program only requires projections of savings in annual kWh and/or therms for each category of measure, which helps make the project process simpler and faster.

How do I submit certification of savings?

When submitting a project through the Project Platform, the contractor will enter the proposed measures, and the PE/CEM will then enter their certified projected savings.

How do I find a PE or CEM to work with?

If you don’t already have a PE or CEM on your contracting company team, going to the GoGreen Business Project Developers public listing and selecting “Energy Analysis,” “Facility audits,” or “Energy measurement and verification” from the Project Developer Services dropdown menu is a good place to start! Alternatively, you can also visit the Association of Energy Engineers Certified Professionals Directory and search for professionals in California with the Certified Energy Manager certification type.