Your Questions Answered | Market Rate Multifamily Projects

October 26, 2023

A contractor in Berkeley asked: Can I do any market-rate multifamily projects with GoGreen Financing?

GoGreen Business: As a matter of fact, yes! Contractors and project developers enrolled in GoGreen Business are eligible to complete market-rate multifamily projects through GoGreen Financing.

When a market-rate multifamily property owner is interested in completing a project through GoGreen Financing, they must select from our network of GoGreen Business contractors and project developers, which could lead them to you! In addition, several of our GoGreen Business lenders also finance multifamily projects. So, if you already have a working relationship with one of our finance companies, check out the GoGreen Multifamily Financing Options chart to see if you can start enrolling multifamily projects with them.

Not sure what qualifies as a market-rate multifamily property?

Existing multifamily properties with five or more units qualify as market-rate multifamily.

Curious what energy upgrades are available for market-rate multifamily projects?

The Energy Saving Measures (ESMs) available through GoGreen Business are also available for market-rate multifamily projects.

Ready to start your market-rate multifamily project?

Contact one of the finance companies on the chart linked above and use the project platform to submit project information.