Your Questions Answered | Additional Related Home Improvements

March 16, 2023

A contractor in Grass Valley asked, “How do I take advantage of the ‘30% Additional Related Home Improvements’ loan option through GoGreen Home?”

Great question; we’re often asked how to properly allocate GoGreen Financing funds within projects. When a loan is funded through GoGreen Home, at least 70% of the funded amount must go toward eligible energy efficiency measures (EEEMs) and other legally and practically required components to complete the project. (More on “legal & practical” here.)

That means that up to 30% of the claim-eligible portion of the loan may be used for additional home improvements. (It can also be used to fund gas-only EEEMs when the customer gets gas service from a utility other than PG&E, SoCalGas or SDG&E.)

30 Percent Additional Home Improvements

So, if 70% of funds must be used for EEEMs and legally and practically required components, what can comprise the other 30%? A wide variety of other improvements are available, such as:

Additional Related Home Improvements

  • • Examples include cabinets, fixtures, landscaping, remodeling, painting, etc.
  • • Can be self-installed by the customer or installed by a non-GoGreen Home contractor

Measures for a non-IOU fuel source

  • • Gas EEEMs when gas is provided by a non-IOU gas utility

FYI! Some components are explicitly excluded from the 30% portion:

  • • Any less efficient version of an EEEM (e.g., non-ENERGY STAR refrigerator)
  • • Distributed generation (e.g., solar and battery storage)
  • • Additional Related Home Improvements that cannot be permanently affixed to the property (e.g., furniture or dishware)

For a more comprehensive breakdown of eligible measures and exclusions, view the project eligibility requirements.