Seizing the Summer | Pricing for Seasonality

August 24, 2023

The HVAC industry is unique in that, for most contractors, it provides the majority of their annual revenues in a very short period of time: summer. This creates a scenario in which contractors have more demand than labor supply during this time. Many industries, such as hotels and airlines, have implemented strategies to maximize profit during their peak seasons. How can you do the same?

This week, Contractor University founding faculty member James Leichter takes the mystery out of dealing with the challenge of demand that exceeds labor supply. He’ll share how to calculate your true breakeven on each job and exactly how low you can go without losing money. You will also learn how to recognize the exact day that your company will break even for the month. This will allow you to sell additional work at a lower price and still turn a profit.

Other learning objectives include:

  • Gross profit dollars per man/crew day as a way to adjust pricing
  • Understanding the importance of breakeven
  • Ways to push high labor jobs to shoulder seasons
  • What jobs to take and not take