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Solar + Storage Rates

June 27, 2024

Select GoGreen Home Lenders are now offering financing for bundled solar + storage projects! We know that when it comes to pitching financing to your customers, the more detail the better, so we’ve broken down rate information for these expanded offerings so you can use them in your sales process.

Most lenders have increased their maximum loan amount to $75,000 and extended their payback periods to 20 years, but you can see interest rates and other details by checking out their specific products on

And remember—GoGreen Home charges zero dealer fees, so what you see on these lender cards really is what you get!

Get to know the options:

  1. Visit the GoGreen Home Find Finance Options page, have your customer enter their zip code, and use the newly added “Solar Terms Availablefilter.
  2. GoGreen Financing has Solar and Storage
  3. Expand lender cards to view a breakdown of each lender’s specific rates, loan amounts, and terms in the “Bundled solar + battery storage” column.
  4. GoGreen Financing has Solar and Storage
  5. Remind your customers that the APR listed is for the maximum term length of 20 years. They are likely to get an even lower rate if they apply for a term length that’s less than 20 years.

Tip: Click the “Compare” checkbox next to the lenders you’re interested in and then click “Compare” at the bottom of the screen to view lender products side by side.

GoGreen Financing has Solar and Storage