Emergency Marketing Planning: SEER2 & IRA Changes for HVAC Contractors

January 11, 2023

Beginning Jan 1, 2023 new Department of Energy rating standards will be in full effect. The updated regulations to SEER2 will establish that newly manufactured residential and commercial HVAC equipment, including but not limited to air conditioners and heat pumps, meet updated minimum energy efficiency standards as set forth by the DOE. It is critical that HVAC contractors have a plan on how to deal with these changes.

In addition, the new Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) creates a huge opportunity for the HVAC industry. Generous tax credits and cash rebates authorized under the legislation have the opportunity to fuel our industry for the next 10 years… IF you understand the legislation and know how to use it to your advantage.

Join industry experts Gary Elekes, Drew Cameron and Weldon Long as they discuss the details of both of these major changes and how you can use it to grow your company.