Your Questions Answered | Dealer Fees for Financing?

February 16, 2023

A contractor in Stockton asked, “Are there any fees associated with GoGreen Business?”

Contractors who are used to offering financing to their customers know that those solution providers often charge contractors a fee to use their product. These are known as dealer fees, and they can get expensive, adding up to hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month.

One of the great benefits to contractors utilizing the GoGreen Financing program is that there are zero dealer fees. This means that you can feel good about offering GoGreen Financing to every customer on every sale, knowing that dealer fees won’t negatively impact your bottom line.

While there are no dealer fees, most of our participating finance companies do charge your customers an application fee. For customers utilizing the program, the application fee is typically under $400 and can be as low as $125, depending on the lender and the finance product. These fees help the bank cover the administrative cost of reviewing and processing their financing application. You can help your customers by matching their project with the right financing product on the first try, minimizing the number of applications and reducing these fees (when applicable).

For help determining the best financing option for any given customer and project, view the GoGreen Business Financing Chart.