Meet Quality Assurance Requirements on Every Job

March 21, 2024

With spring upon us and the busy season coming up, we want to take a moment to provide a refresher on the GoGreen Home Quality Assurance (QA) requirements (starting on page 27) so you can keep your project pipeline running smoothly.

After all types of projects, our team will check the Certificate of Completion for permit numbers and safety test information (sections 4 and 5). As a reminder, BEFORE work on a project can begin, project-related permits must be pulled according to your customer’s local jurisdiction. You can verify permit requirements by either calling your customer’s local permitting office or by checking their website.

Additionally, if a project involves the presence of atmospherically ventilated equipment, including duct sealing or duct replacement, a Combustion Appliance Zone or Combustion Appliance Safety (CAZ/CAS) test is required. Combustion safety tests verify that atmospherically vented combustible appliances are working properly and not leaking dangerous gases, such as carbon monoxide, into the living space. Still not sure which equipment requires a CAZ/CAS test? Check out the EEEMs list to see if your upgrade has a notation saying “This measure may trigger combustion appliance safety testing,” and click the link to “Learn more.”

Meet GoGreen Home Quality Assurance Requirements on Every Job

A safety test must be performed by someone who meets ONE of the following qualifications:

Meeting QA requirements is key to making sure your projects are completed successfully. If you have any questions about QA requirements, our Contractor Support Team is happy to help! Reach out to us at 888-987-3443 or

Failure to comply with QA requirements may result in disciplinary action.