Get More Jobs by Getting Noticed

May 30, 2024

GoGreen Financing Blog

Did you know that gets roughly 40,000 views per month? If you’re already an enrolled contractor or project developer, that means increased exposure and free marketing for your company. Thinking about enrolling soon? If so, this is a quick way to get your company noticed by business owners looking for energy upgrades.

When business owners start their projects, oftentimes their first step is to reach out to a contractor or a project developer, so make sure you understand how the public listing system works and double check to make sure your listing is up to date before the summer season starts!

Helpful Tips:


How does GoGreen Financing determine the order of the companies listed?

After a customer uses filtering options to narrow down the types of services, zip code, and language preference for their project, companies will appear in randomized order. This creates the most equal opportunity for companies to get noticed.

Customers have the option to sort their search results alphabetically or reverse alphabetically, but this is not the default.

Does GoGreen Financing drive customers to the Find a Contractor and Hire a Project Developer pages?

Yes! The GoGreen Financing marketing campaign runs social media and digital display ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram with links that take users directly to the Find a Contractor and Hire a Project Developer pages.