Contractor Testimonial:
“An Incredible Relationship”

February 22, 2024

For Aris O’Reilly of Altius Energy, one of the best things about GoGreen Business — besides the reduced interest rates through the Go Low promotion —is the working relationship he has with his favorite GoGreen Business lender. “I have an incredible relationship with the rep there,” O’Reilly says. “At 10pm at night he’s emailing me stuff that I need to get done the next day. They’re incredible. They’re on top of it.”

GoGreen Business Contractor Testimonial

O’Reilly also appreciates the fact that his lender offers on-bill repayment (OBR). It pairs nicely with the Go Low promotion, which has allowed O’Reilly to complete multiple projects for clients, primarily laundromats, at 0% interest and with OBR, which allows his customers to classify their improvements as operating expenses rather than capital expenses. (Please note this is different for every customer; borrowers should seek advice from a tax professional.)

O’Reilly is also a SoCalGas Trade Pro who has learned to use rebates and incentives to his customers’ benefit, making upgrades “practically free,” then adding the bonus of low interest rates from GoGreen Business.

Between the speed of GoGreen Business, the on-bill repayment feature, the low- or no-interest financing available through Go Low, and his knowledge of rebates, O’Reilly says he’s able to offer packages that customers instantly recognize as a win.

“When I walk into your store and I say, ‘I can probably get you qualified for installation within 24 hours or less. And it will practically be free because of the rebates,’ they’re like, ‘OK, what do you need?’ And I’m like, ‘Nothing! Been in business two years or more?’ And the customer’s like, ‘Let’s do it!’”

Want to start selling projects like Aris? Take a look at the GoGreen Business Financing Options chart to see whose offerings best serve you and your customers.